Captain Bill Robertson
alias CBR
alias Astar Paramejgian:
About CBR
CBR's Sector Operations Bulletins (April - June 1982)
Link to CBR lectures (1982-1990)
"Galactic Patrol" SP declare (3 Sept 1982)
Rons Org Bridge

David Mayo
SP declare of David Mayo (2 March 1983)
David Mayo affidavit (26 June 1996
The story of a squirrel (SOED 2344 20 August 1983)

Jon Zegel
Zegel Tape No 4 (Zegel's firsthand story of Mayo, 1987)

L. Ron Hubbard documents
Sheriffs Coroner statement about the death of LRH (31 January 1986)
LRH affidavit to California court (28 June 1983)

Church of Spiritual Technology
Description of the Scientology Religion
The first fifty years event

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