Church of Spiritual Technology

You have maybe heard that the Tech have fallen into the wrong hands, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Suppressive elements tried already early to gain control of the Tech. In 1951 a man by the name of Don Purcell almost succeeded (You can read the story here). At that occasion LRH wrote the following to Purcell:

You have promised to hurt me so badly I will never recover unless I put Dianetics solidly and forever into your hands. Before I would do that, Purcell, before I would betray my own people, my auditors, my own country, I would throw anything I know of Dianetics away. (LRH letter to Purcell)

It shows the determination of Ron in preventing that the Tech fall into the wrong hands, so it was of cause something LRH was very alert to, and as with everything else he naturally made sure this problem was taken care of. Already in 1982 the plan for how the Tech had to be protected was finalized. LRH founded at that time the Religious Technology Centre (RTC) which was given all Trademarks and the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), which were to receive all copyrights.

Not many have known about the Church of Spiritual Technology, and for a very good reason. There were some conditions that had to be fulfilled before the Church of Spiritual Technology was to be given the Tech, and before that happened the Church of Spiritual Technology was naturally a target for SP's.

The last conditions were fulfilled in 1993 when Scientology was recognized as a religion by the American revenue service (IRS), and where the Church of Spiritual Technology was given tax exempt status as a bona fide church. This is also the first time I know of where we scientologists were informed of the Church of Spiritual Technology, as it is mentioned in the folder that we were given at the "The War is Over" event. See excerpts of the folder here.

Not before that time did the Tech actually fall into the exact right hands. From being in Ron's own hands all copyrights were finally transferred to the Church of Spiritual Technology after having been part of the estate after LRH for some time. The estate that Norman Starkey had been entrusted by LRH. We can consider ourselves lucky that Norman Starkey, David Miscavige and other Int. Management terminals made sure that this happened. If you listen to the New Year 2000 event COB gives more details about the Church of Spiritual Technology.

If you enter this homepage you can see that all copyrights actually belongs to the Church of Spiritual Technology while LRH of cause still is the author. (Search for the Church of Spiritual Technology by name.)

If you ask OSA they will show you all bylaws of the Church of Spiritual Technology. I have myself read them and must say that those who controls CST are highly qualified and highly trained Scientologists. In addition to that there are some lawyers who as "special directors" has to make sure that everything is done by the book. Those lawyers are LRH's own lawyers by the way, he mentions them on page 4 of this document where he also mentions Davis Miscavige. It's worth reading in its entirety.

To claim that IRS have taken over the control of the Tech because a former high ranking officer in the IRS has been an advisor to LRH's lawyers in connection with the forming of CST, is just as absurd as claiming that COB has handed the Tech over to the government. Those accusations can only be viewed in the light of this quote:


And this:

"So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It's our possible failure to retain and practice our technology." HCO PL 7. feb 65 Keeping scientology Working


That's exactly why LRH formed CST to retain our technology, and RTC to see to the practice of our technology.