Captain Bill Robertson

There are many rumors about Captain Bill Robertson (CBR). I will here attempt to stick to the facts so that you can decide for yourself.

CBR left the Sea Org in the beginning of the eighties. He founded a group called the ”Galactic Patrol” and started shortly thereafter to issue Sector Operations Bulletins. As far as I can tell he issued 22 in total during the period between '82 and '86 - you can see some of them here.

CBR alias Astar Paramejgian.

The first bulletins are signed by Elron Elray and if you don't know him then see this briefing by CBR where he ends off by saying:

Administration Briefing Number 1
By Capt. W. B. Robertson
25 JANUARY 1987

And so I want to thank everybody, that enabled this to happen, including LRH.
And of course, as a thetan, we call him Elron Elray, because that is the name he prefers - and I thank him and I thank all the people that helped all around here and supported us going up the Bridge.

Bulletin no. 10 is signed by Astar Paramejgian, which is a name CBR gave himself.

When you have read those bulletins I will leave it up to you to evaluate the content, but maybe this reference will help:

"The occluded case quite commonly supposes himself to be badly off; the delusive case rarely, if ever, believes there is anything wrong with him or her." (PAB 8 late august 53)

Another question one can ask is how he received these bulletins from LRH? Well, considering that CBR hasn't been in physical communication with him since 81, then there can be no other answer except that it has been done telepathically. Something CBR is quite accustomed to:

"...since I was trained on the Briefing Course in 1965 and then interned in 1966, I have been able to have Spiritual communication with LRH, and I have gotten in Spiritual communication with him. And my actions, since the time of 1981, in the summer, when I went to look for him, have been coordinated with that Spiritual communication line to him."

CBR, Maj 1982

He also issued other materials and briefings which is to a large extent available on the internet. I have downloaded them all from Ron’s Org Frankfurt's homepage and you can see excerpts from some of them here.

Besides the Galactic patrol CBR also founded the Freezone and Ron’s Org