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These lectures/quotes by CBR i from Ron's Org Frankfurt's homepage:

CAPT. W. B. Robertson RA, Sector 9
to John Caban of Sector 11

May, 1982

So, I tried to find the Boss, and the thing was, that I did not. And I don't want anybody to believe that I have physically seen the Boss since 1981. I haven't. I have not gotten into physical communication with him.

However, ever since I was trained on the Briefing Course in 1965 and then interned in 1966, I have been able to have Spiritual communication with LRH, and I have gotten in Spiritual communication with him. And my actions, since the time of 1981, in the summer, when I went to look for him, have been coordinated with that Spiritual communication line to him.

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Technical Briefing Number 1
by Capt. Bill Robertson
held in Frankfurt, 12th October 1984

Now, we have found out that, after 1980, when Ron did go off the lines (because he disappeared from the place where he was working at that time in California), that certain technical bulletins have appeared. But I happen to know, and so do many other technical terminals, that, in the materials, parts are written by LRH. Parts of them. Other parts are not written by him. These are parts of his research that came from his research notes of the past which he did not want to put into the levels because they are not the direct path to the door. Alright, this is the reason that in the Free Zone technical centers there are many Solo Nots Completions. I think there are 20 to 30 right now, and so far, in the church, there is only one or maybe a few more. But, they are only promoting that there is one.

Question from audience: "There are many bulletins after 1980, like data about checking grades processes for reads and that sort of thing. Now how do we know where the data ends?"

I covered this point with several tech people in England and America between 1980 and 1982, and it was decided at that point (it is arbitrary of course, but it is a decision and it works) that we take the end of 1980 because that is the last time, we can be sure, that LRH was there and receiving any technical bulletins back and forth for OK, and his approval, and all these auditors that have audited some 20 years, and when done correctly, have great results with all the tech from before that. So there seems to be no reason to actually change it.

Ron's purpose in the Tech was to get the thetans up to OT, and we can not see this purpose in the bulletins that have come up since 1980.

The actual additions of various rundowns, and things people must do, some of these are merely, shall we say, special handlings.

They are not major actions. That means that not everyone on the planet would need a R/D concerning how to better fix an automobile, or how to handle their 2nd dynamic or something like that, or how to handle their problems with Ethics. Some people would need that, but the others would handle that on their regular bridge.

So, we have a path that is very well researched, and very well experimented, and very well taped out which does result in increased abilities and causativeness. And I have compared the case levels of people who have done the bridge before 1980, and the ones who have done it since with the church, and there is a great difference. It is a difference which can be measured in terms of dynamic responsibility, the responsibility in life over the various dynamics, and in the reality and communications levels of the people involved. I think you may yourself know of some of these examples.

I also might mention one other thing about the Grade chart, since you are all on it, we are all on it.

The grade chart represents the majority of cases at the time it was developed, how they can progress. However, as a C/S, you do not always go by only that, because, as you know, not everyone is average. You must do the basics of Scientology with each case on an individual basis. This is the only way you can handle resistive cases, or someone that comes in and has just recently arrived, and is already a Natural Clear, and has no drugs or medicine in this lifetime.

So each is different. There are the extremes, and there is the middle, but no case is exactly like any others, as no thetan is exactly like any others. In fact, you will find that if every case was the same, all their cognitions and all their answers to the questions on the processes would be the same. But they are not.

The questions are the right ones, the answers are the individual ones from that thetan to get him through that particular ability level. And if there is something necessary to be done to get him to that "going up the bridge in the middle", then we must choose the exact thing that will get him there without any problems so he has no difficulty in continuing. Which brings me to the reason why I am giving you this tech briefing.

We will be starting now full-time, 1st or 2nd week in December, the moving of all cases in the Frankfurt area that can exchange right up the bridge.

Now, you ask, "why here in Frankfurt? Because you are supposed to be in Spain?" and all that stuff. We are doing the same thing in Spain, but I do not speak Spanish and the cases in Spain are all at a level where they can be handled very easily by a lower class auditor. Many have not had much auditing at all. I have programmed or C/Sed for each of the people there. I have trained up a Spanish speaking auditor on the DCSI so we can keep whichever ones that are clear going on up.

But also, there is a matter of exchange, and there is not much exchange in Spain. The people there do not have any extra money to do anything under the socialist government, and to tell you the truth, I couldn't survive on just doing tech in Spain. In fact, I was not even going to do any tech anywhere. I was depending on David Mayo's and the other AACs to expand quickly. But, something a bit upsetting to me has occurred in the last 4-5 months that is despite all our advice to them on policy.

They have thought it OK to keep promoting the words of Flynn, who is dedicated to destroy the church, and Ron de Wolfe, who is dedicated to destroying LRH and Scientology. I have that in writing from Ron de Wolfe himself. In a letter, he stated he has been trying to take apart Scientology, brick by brick, for 30 years. Yet, it is OK, it's allowed to say, "I think this is right. LRH was in black magic, and he was taking drugs, and he was doing all this, and he ripped off all this money," and they are allowed to say that. They even write that down in their magazines and stuff like this.

Now I ask you: If this is permitted and they send a person up the bridge, in the future when he goes out and says "I am a Scientologist", (by the way, they also send out letters stating "We do not say we are Scientologists anymore". I have a letter saying that from Harvey Haber from the AAC, who is the DIV6 of David Mayo's.), when they say that and go out and say, "Well, I've had my auditing" to someone they are in communication with for business or a job or just contacts, these people could just turn around and say, "Well, that's very funny, because 5 years ago you told me this guy who founded all this stuff was crazy, into black magic, and he was this and that". To put it mildly, and in the most lightly way, they are destroying their own future. It is like a man climbing a rope ladder up the side of a cliff and saying, "Man, the guy who built this ladder, he didn't know what the hell he was doing. The things that hold the ropes are all weak, and it's going to fall in any minute." Well, why the hell is he climbing the ladder? Why doesn't he just stay down there? It is not understandable.

This is why I realized that they needed a C/S in Frankfurt. I realized, also, that many people have been, shall we say, a little bit messed-about by the old church. I realize that people are willing to exchange to have all this handled and go up the bridge standardly. I can also read and speak some German, although I must translate some of it. Also, Frankfurt and Germany are a very key part in the 4th dynamic, which I also take responsibility in my universe for handling so that we do not become slaves. So, for all of these reasons I decided to actually start some very standard going up the bridge for people from any level, because at first it was going to be OT levels. But, there are not enough people just there yet. But we will get them all the way up and then carry them up to the very standard OT abilities.

LRH said the tech could be used to suppress people. Policy can be used, Ethics can be used with Policy, but when used correctly, no problems, you go right up the bridge. Actually, I wrote the chapter about Ethics in "What is Scientology?". I wrote that chapter and sent it to LRH, and he personally OK'd it. What was written was put in the book. And in that, it states that Ethics is a technology, and it covers conditions, it covers getting off overts, and sec checks, and covers the PTS/SP phenomena, and boards of investigation and other justice actions.

Oh yes, one other thing. My rate as a permanent Class 8 as C/S is DM 300/hour.

But, by that time, I think I'll probably have done my NOTs training as an auditor and C/S, so I can carry on with that. If not, there is always Per Schiottz in Copenhagen, so we will work the whole bridge.

So out of DM 300,- we say that DM 150 is a half hour, and DM 75 is 15 minutes, and if it is a fast thing, 5 to 10 minutes, it's DM 50.

So that way, everybody can have their folder C/Sed by me if they want. If they don't wish to, they can just have the beginning done and will then be handed over to their regular tech lines. And after they get to the Solo Assists, then I'll take it on from there.

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Technical Briefing Number 2
by Capt. Bill Robertson
Frankfurt, October 26th, 1984

Hello again !

This has been analyzed, and we will not repeat the same mistakes that were done at that time. In short, there are some policies that become, now, more important than other ones to prevent that type of thing from happening again. All of them you see already being employed in the Free Zone. And one of them is the fact that you don't make a total step ladder of command where no one can communicate to someone higher in the organization without going through all the people in between for information.

The information about the take-over, infiltration, all the problems that occurred with the GO, and so on, was known at certain levels of the organization, but was prevented from getting to the top. That's covered in my tape debrief.
This time, we have it as a network, a net like a spider's web, but without a spider in the middle. All linked together, but the information can travel as fast as a telephone or a computer or telepathic communication can travel. That way, anyone that tries to take over the organization is soon revealed and spotted. OTC has successfully handled 7 such attempts in the last 8 months. Some of them were attempted by other independent groups. Some of them were attempted by RTC, and some of them were attempted by hired telepathic people by the Marcabians themselves. Let us not deceive ourselves this time, either, about the importance of Scientology for this planet and the universe. This is another thing which was a little bit, let us say, made of lesser importance than it should have been in the old organization. Everyone was striving to be recognized. Whereas, those people who are suppressing the 4th dynamic were well aware of Scientology, and had already made many plans to take it over and to try and keep it from being recognized. In the highest level conferences in banking and government, they used to discuss Scientology at least 2 hours a week. And they also instructed the press and the other officials to make nothing of it and to invalidate it and to keep it seeming like it is some kind of crazy cult. It is obvious from this that the people who are currently trying to control the planet do not have clearing as a purpose. Understand this very, very, well.

So, what we have seen in the last 5 to 10 years is a gradual going away from policy and implementing arbitraries into the policies and into the organizations. And these were deliberately done and restimulated on the minds of Scientologists by the outside vested interests and their infiltrated agents. For reference on more data about that, see Sector Ops Bulletin No. 12, called Models and Scenarios.

In the Free Zone, or with the people who carry on with Scientology in spite of anything, we have found out that there are certain importances in policy and tech, of course, to be used while we are coping.
For instance, if an auditor is not trained to do a certain action, we can, without going through half a year course and keep the PC waiting, we can check the person out on that action and get a "Qual OK" to audit that action and do it.

This is the original Qual policy, that qual gives all the OKs to audit anyway, no matter whether the person is trained or not. If he hasn't taken the auditor course for a certain list he has to do, and the next thing on the PC is a list, and no other auditor for a hundred miles, and he is the only one, and the PC needs that list-- well, he can be trained to do that particular action and go and do it. If he went away to get trained, that would only be a one-hundredth part of his training, but he would be away for six months.

Oh yes, I wanted to mention a little success, that we have had our first Clear in the Frankfurt Network. (We call it Ron's Organization and Network for Standard tech. That abbreviates to RON'S). It was attested last Sunday, so we've already started people up the bridge and the people are moving up at a very good rate. We are also in communication right now with 5 other of our network people all over in the various countries of Europe, and they have also given us their support, and are willing to exchange with us and help develop there, and we help them and they help us, so there is starting to be some sort of the network part of Ron's going on in Europe.

So on that note, I would like to end this Tech Briefing No. 3 and encourage anyone or any auditing group that is around the planet, if they want to connect up with the Frankfurt group -which we are calling Ron's Organization and Network for Standard Technology, which abbreviates to RON'S- if they want to be part of that network which believes, or let's say knows or has confidence in these very some things (because believe is a little bit lower on the scale than knowingness). If you really apply that and you really apply that and you really see it works, then you know it works. Then those people will join in that agreement and that understanding and that confidence and I believe we can create in the coming year a very strong new civilization based on the truth and based on the creative abilities of the thetans and OTs we are making. And improving their abilities to where they can have a New Civilization.

So, don't worry about it, we're making the real OT guys HERE in Frankfurt. And the guys associate and want us, because... you know, why? If the other areas were making OTs, they would have come here and said: "We wanna carry on and help!" because the Sector 9 Book has been around about a year, and everybody knows about it in Australia, even New Zealand, America, Canada, England...

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Administration Briefing Number 1
By Capt. W. B. Robertson

Well, I'm only a person that has been in the technical side and administrative side of Scientology for, you know, officially working for them, for 16 years. So I've got a lot more time in there than a lot of people and that was FULL time and I did the Class VII, Class VIII Course and also the FEBC and also the Full Captain's Hat and all the Sea Org Courses and just about every course you can imagine down below that and also worked on the Flag Ship for 6 to 8 years and did missions all over the world and so on. So you might say, I know a little bit about the subject.

you just write them down and you try them and: "Oh, this is the best way through this!" - Boom - and you do it. Very easy! After that point things came off like - I mean, I could write up what was going to be on the next level. After I'd finished THIS level, I could then write up what was going to be on the NEXT, because I KNEW THAT HAD TO BE NEXT. I made one or two mistakes on the way and the next day I was smashed. I said: "Uh, I've skipped something, something I didn't get. What was it? What was it? Aaaah, there is another aspect to this! I see, you have to do it this way now!!" Now I ran that - Aaaah, VGIs, FTAs - fantastic, great, great, great. And then there is this other aspect. "Oh yeah, now I can do this." Now I hit this and - Boom - I can do it. It's very simple, you see? If you know the basics. And so you just - you can't help it - hit them. So they're right there in line - boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom - and I didn't know, where it was going to go, but I knew THAT was next, THAT was next, THAT was next, THAT was next and it just kept going one at a time. If people do their whole internships here, they see the development of this.

And so I want to thank everybody, that enabled this to happen, including LRH.
And of course, as a thetan, we call him Elron Elray, because that is the name he prefers - and I thank him and I thank all the people that helped all around here and supported us going up the Bridge.

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The New Civilization - OT Convention 88
Lecture by Capt. W.B. Robertson
5 Nov. 1988, Atlantis Parkhotel
Logical Planning for 1992
This is your next four years.
We are very lucky to know approximately what to expect in the next four years on this planet. I will not go into the case data and the reasons we know this from earlier games that Thetans have played and so on and current scenarios they are playing, but I will just give you what to expect in the next four years so you can be ready for it and we will survive very well. I'm mapping that time and it would be '88 on this side, '92 on that side, '90 in the middle and we see '89 and '91. Just four years. OK?
Now, first let's look at the fact of one scenario that is finished. That was the one that was activated in the 60s and 70s to re-introduce the fear of the atomic catastrophe of 75 million years ago. I draw an atomic blast there and that is ended. That was the one LRH was concerned about and he wrote about it in many Policy Letters. He was afraid that the planet might start dramatizing it and actually do an atomic war again. As you can see now from the news stories and in life that is becoming an ever decreasing possibility. So I don't have to advise you to build a fallout shelter.
Now it is just "fallout" from pollution.

But, that scenario was just to throw everyone into fear - plus all these terrorist scenarios and economic scenarios - to prepare the world for the One-World-Government plan which was to annex Earth to Marcab as their 8th planet. And that was going on behind the atomic scenario and was to occur in 1992. So we have a high possibility here of the One-World plan to be finished. That was their One-World plan as originally planned. I drew up here on the chart the One-World plan of Marcab plus the Implanters that was supposed to be greater than the rest of the game. And that was supposed to be finished in 1992.
However in 1986 and 1987 we did a lot of Excalibur work and we managed to create with the help of the Galactic Patrol and others from off-planet a political "split" as you will find in the Sector 9 book "Latest News from Sector 9". And that made the Marcabians and Implanters basically go apart in their plan.

Now instead of one planetary take-over group there are at least two - maybe more. The main ones are the two branches of this - the Marcabians who are now loyal to Marcab and are abiding by or following the Non-Interference-Decree and the Free Zone-Decree and just trying to do an administrative control and an economic control, which is permissible.

Now, to see that you aren't getting overwhelmed - alright - we also have a vector in this. And our vector is essentially to bring the New Civilization awareness to the planet and to present to them the rules of the Free-Zone Decree which means that everyone must be brought up to the point where they can decide for themselves on which way the planet goes. Free Zone Decree and the New Civilization Idea with it are both in that flow. Because the Free Zone Decree applies to all of these. The Free Zone Decree applies to all. IF you read it in Sector 9 you see it does apply to the whole planet. But, the idea we are implementing it with is the idea of a New Civilization, because the old one didn't work very well.

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A lecture by Capt. W. B. Robertson
at the 1990 OT Convention near Paris, France

Welcome to the OT Convention 1990 !
I might add that during that conference when he told us the stories of his times on the time-track, what he was doing and so on, he would put the mock-up of that beingness' 'whoever he was at that time, around him in an energy field and actually mock it up so that everyone could see it. For instance, when he talked about the Buddha you saw an Easterner sitting at the desk. He had changed to a whole eastern type mock-up with a different face and everything like that, sort of shimmering out in front of his body. When he talked about his time in the Roman navy legions of Julius Caesar you could see the brass helmet and the breast-plate and a different Roman-looking face in front of his body. And of course we weren't surprised - we knew he was an OT!
And most of the people at that time had continued telepathic communications with him as auditors or whenever they needed help.
…you will know that Elron Elray, formerly the body of L.Ron Hubbard here on earth, but Elron Elray is now the president or the chairman of the Grand Council of this Galaxy, in Sector 0. And I tried to explain the strategy of what is happening, galactic and intergalactic, in the UFO videos, which you can buy if you haven't seen the lecture. And in the "Intergalactic Decree" you see one of the results of his work, so that there can be control put in on the "grey invaders"- the Andromedans that are working with the implanters. Because these are things and events which are occurring off of this planet but which have a great effect on the future of this planet.
So I want to tell you that there are many more Dynamics, that LRH, Ron, Elron Elray, operates on, and he is still doing so and STILL CONTINUING HIS MISSIONS.

Thank you very much.

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