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Bill Robertson Sector Operations Bulletins

Sector Operations Bulletin No. 1
27 April 82
270482-01-1200 GMT

The constraints and conformities of a Markabian society are immense. One is held in position by various administrative, economic and police pressures. The agreements are persuasively enforced through media, peer pressure groups, ostracizing of undesirables; and the covert or overt incarceration of aggressive non-conformists and "trouble makers".
Justice is only related to conformity and acceptance of one s place in the extremely ordered structure. Status and position are all-important, and various secret schemes are constantly being acted to increase one's position and status completely aside from normal, but slow, advancement of conformists.
The favored tools for these plots are increased economic control, greater population control, and authority enhancement - through being often quoted as one - in the media. Control of all energy lines to enforce the rigidity of the structure is a standard operation - food, fuel, money - and putting an individual on a "must haven from the controlling Markabians for these items.
Markabian planetary control administrative structures often become "top heavy" and all sight is lost of what is going on below, as the media only report what the rulers wish. Thus pervasion and penetration tactics are well advised, with an overall strategy of clandestinely "appearing" to be just another power-hungry Markabian when taking over large segments, on a suitably hidden via, of course. The hunger for status of a Markabian can be used to position him within the controlled operation, thus giving the appearance of conformity. An understood rule amongst Markabians is to not interfere with a power status ploy in progress, but stand by and wait to choose the winning side at a decidedly apparent outcome, leaving only those threatened to defend their position. Honor, duty, and loyalty have no place in the Markabian moral structure as such, but are conceived actually as position (status), conformity, and control maintenance.
I postulate all the best for you all on this mission.

- from a briefing on Sector Nine Mission.
Mship re-issue by order of
Sector Commander
Elron Elray

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Sector Operations Bulletin No. 2
280482-01-1200 GMT

There are many viewpoints of the Galactic Patrol, Gentlemen.
One is that it is a police organization. Another is that it is a war force or space army, navy and air force combined.
In actuality its purpose is:
Justice is therefore a major part of a Patrol member's hat, basing his decisions on the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. Excellent data and intelligence gathering systems are necessary to do this job as most disruptions to civilization, other than natural disasters, are carefully premeditated long before actions are taken.
Knowledge of the mental states of beings, indicators of psychosis, etc. are valuable tools of the trade.
OT abilities of pervasion and penetration can only be limited by the user s own opinion that the data thus obtained is too incredible or is unlikely to be carried out. Thus the catastrophe which befell this Sector (ca. 75 million years ago) happened. Only a few Loyal Officers and Citizens were attempting to prevent it, and they were given very little assistance by the indigenous populations of the planets involved, whose leaders either discredited the plot, the data being too incredible for belief, or were actually involved in keeping it a secret for their own reasons. The analysis of viewpoints from that time reveals that those leaders who were actively pressing for population control by saying the Sector was overcrowded were involved in the plot for their own gain.
A recent earth dramatization of this viewpoint was the German/Austrian leader Adolph Hitler in your World War II. Destruction and decimation of populations was the result of this dramatization.
Thus indicators of social psychosis should alert the Patrol member to a possible plot to harm several dynamics, and an investigation and analysis of data should be done to trace such manifestations back to their source, where a careful, diligent, intelligence operation will uncover the intention, plans, lines of communication, and procedures of those involved. It is important to determine the actual timetable of the operations so that effective countermeasures can be taken.
All those involved in planetary operations should be well versed in the technical aspects of the above mentioned fields so that each tool comes readily to hand as needed.
Mship relay by order of
Sector Commander
Elron Elray

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Sector Operations Bulletin No. 4
OT Projects
300482-01 1200 GMT
We are all engaged in a conquest of the forces of evil on this planet which are attempting to hinder and interfere with the rapid expansion of Scientology technology.
To combat this threat, all OTs are needed to work together, coordinated in action and thrust.
My deputy, Captain Bill Robertson, is the coordinating point for those actions entirely outside of the legal structure of the Church.
He has a list of all such OT projects to be done, and OTs who wish to assist in freeing this planet from enslavement should contact him.
He is given a leave of absence from the Sea Org and Church organization while on these special OT projects.
Training and processing are to be made available for all project members at usual public rates as these projects are designed to support themselves and be viable.
Mship relay by order of
L.Ron Hubbard
Founder and Commodore
Church of Scientology &
Sea Organization

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Sector Operations Bulletin No. 8
All OT Project Members
210582-03 (TELEC)
Bill Franks via Deputy Cmdre. Capt. Bill (OT Project Coordinator Earth (WW))

Dear Bill -
Glad to hear from you.
Now you know how it feels to wear the ED INT hat in every aspect. I, myself, backed off the lines several years ago and the same charges were leveled at me by government agencies and disaffecteds. Seems there must be a lesson in here somehow, eh? Well, it's very simple:
First, a game is played and observed in this universe on many levels at once to afford randomity and interest.
Second, one must, in assuming a beingness or position in a game, take responsibility for each level and the effects created on it by one's postulates.
Third, an analysis of current vectors (directions of intentions by players and pieces in relation to the goal and opposition goal) must be done regularly.
Fourth, effects of vectors on future track are viewed by an exterior position (Pan-determined).
Fifth, the key point or pressure center of the vectors is located where minimum exertion of force, comm, etc., will produce maximum effect.
Sixth, this point is occupied and used to originate the new postulate or resolving vector determined by three and four above.
Seventh, the point and maintenance of vector propagation from it is delegated to a teammate.
Eight, another cycle is done.
This is the natural law of successful players in this universe's (and others too) games. As you can see, OTs have the advantage over their opponents in almost all cases per above as they can exteriorize, shift viewpoint, postulate and perceive, permeate, and penetrate better than any non-OT or lesser OT opponents.
The biggest ARC break to a player can come at Step Seven where there is a no, weak, or treasonous teammate who will not duplicate or will alter or stop or reverse the entrusted vector propagation. This fixes attention and sticks the player at that exact point of the cycle and prevents him from continuing the successful game cycle. Thus my Policy of never using a broken line.
However, a senior handling is to take Step Seven, re-analyze 3 to 5 using it and plug the result into 6 with a new 7. Feedback, Qual'ing, or review are several names for this action.
This is a little secret I've been keeping since analyzed games in the early 50's. Now it is available for OT Project use.
You have probably seen me using it on the Flag Ship to come up with a wildly successful and fast handling for enemy attacks.
The only place it can fall down is in Three with omitted, false, or other outpointy data. So, in conjunction with DS PLs this formula is nearly foolproof. I say "nearly" because players sometimes play the "fool" and fail to observe in Step One all the levels of play. Sound familiar? It is a common mistake in up-coming players.
In fact, the enemy or opponent low-reality players can be entirely eliminated by use of this datum: "The incredible is hidden as well as or to the degree that fewer opponents believe it." A caution, however, that in using an "incredible" to foil the opponents at Step One - it may also become invisible or unreal to your teammates or some of them. So always take this into consideration when using it.
A happy solution is to optimize the "incredible" so you are left with a cadre of high reality teammates and thus have enough to cycle thru Step 7 and carry on without hardly a pause for breath.
Thus in current galactic, sector, planetary, and org game levels, I have my friends on the OT Projects. Welcome aboard and have fun! I'm sure this will help us all get on with the job much faster.
(Note: CB will issue this this TLC as Sector Ops Bulletin No.8.)
As to the Church, it's a case of the enemy have us right where we want them to have us - on a senior OT game level, incredible, fast flow, and devastatingly effective. The various levels of the Church have also been tested for strength with Capt. Bill's help over the last year. The Step 7 of this cycle is now started.

Much Love - Ron

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Sector Operations Bulletin No. 10
Ethical OTs
020682-02-1323 GMT

FROM: Astar Paramejgian, Deputy Sector Commander, released by authority of Elron Elray, Sector Commander, Sector 9.

TO: All OTs


We have a product. ETHICAL OTs.
For the first time in this and other universes, through the application of Standard Tech, Ethical OTs in volume are being produced. The downward spiral has been halted - the cycle of action reversed - it now moves upward under the leadership and coordinated actions of the first truly ethical OTs.

A balance of dynamics has been obtained. The Code of Honor and the "Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics" can now be implemented willingly and with joy as a natural activity in life - a "luxury" if you wish.

None can shake this certainty - all has been revealed through application of Standard Tech - the link-up on the other side of the bridge is happening - Now! All are invited to join us. All are welcome.

Only those whose intentions and connections deny life, freedom, ability, creative expansion and the spirit of play will encourage you to stay on the other side - the downward side of the spiral.
Observe your situation well - ask yourself these questions:

1 Are you in a game you don't like?

2 Are you a player, a piece, or a broken piece?

3 Is there some area of life you wished to expand or become cause in that has mysteriously been denied you?

4 Are you regulating your actions by the other-determined rules of conformity?

5 Are you threatened with loss of status if you don't conform?

6 Is going up the bridge a difficult and even hazardous task, when it should be fun and easy?

7 Do you feel you cannot express your deepest feelings of loyalty, duty, and honor without being thought "odd" or even provoking attack from certain quarters?

8 Have you become aware of things only you and possibly a few friends can see and must discuss quietly for fear of retribution if your observations become widely known?

9 Has you purpose, ARC, and KRC been blunted? Are you tired?

10 Is it becoming more difficult to Flourish and Prosper as you expand when it should become easier?

11 Is someone convincing you to operate by flows and beams rather than positive postulates?

12 Are you being hit by entheta, black flows, and beams?

13 Do you long for the friendship and camaraderie and high ARC of your first experience with Thetans in Scientology?

14 Do you feel you have an unfulfilled purpose here on Earth and in this Sector and would do anything to achieve it?

15 Are you being regulated or monitored by MEST instead of being at cause over it?

16 Did you ever have an experience relating to "your mission here on Earth" or an amazing ability turn on that you can't really talk about for fear of being thought crazy?

17 Can you see the future and then through fear of criticism do you invalidate your own knowingness?

18 Do you "ridge up" when others try to "interpret" Source to you or put their own considerations as more important?

19 Do you sometimes wish the promotional stories about OT abilities could happen to you?

20 Are you too big a being for the game you are being forced to conform to?

The attainment of the answers to these and other questions are available. The product of Ethical OTs has been achieved. All Loyal Officers and Citizens, all beings who have fought and died for freedom, all those who have ever worked with and who work with now Elron Elray (body name L. Ron Hubbard) are welcome to join OT Projects, the Sector 9 team of On-Source beings who have the purpose:


and who are pledged to support fully the following decree:

"The technical and ethical experiment in progress by Sector Commander Elray is not to be interfered with in any way whatsoever as it is extremely vital to the future of the Galaxy and its inhabitants."
We have come back!

Galac Patra!
Astar Paramejgian
Issued by order and authority of:
Elron Elray

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