The New Year 2000 Event

The first fifty years by Mr. David Miscavige

If you took every attack since the nineteen fifties, and rolled them into a single juggernaut, it didn’t approach the magnitude of what was at stake in the nineteen nineties. Because here is what was really at stake – the tech. And I mean that quite literally. Here’s why: After suffering defeat after defeat and failing to stop LRH from completing his research and development, they had finally settled on a new strategy. They convinced themselves that the church would collapse when LRH was no longer here, and so they bided their time until that occurred.

They were wrong, and now 5 years later we were more known than ever, more visible than ever and far bigger than ever. So they devised a new strategy; “The Final Solution”. If they had failed to stop LRH’s work from being completed while he was here then they’d destroy it when he was gone and here’s how they had planned to do it, and here is also what that nineties assault in every one of its attacks was really all about.

Consider the history of all great religions on earth. Whatever they could or could not achieve will never be known, because every one of them had failed to keep their source teachings. Now add to that Scientology, in the here and now, where the way have definitely been found. It then follows that nothing, NOTHING was more important than never loosing the materials that map the road out. That is why LRH had copyrighted all of his works, so they could be protected, and never be lost or suffer alteration or perversion. That’s also why LRH had willed the legacy to the religion, as I described to you earlier tonight. More importantly that legacy was destined for a specific Scientology church, one created to make sure these materials were never lost.

That’s why it was called the Church of Spiritual Technology, however to receive that legacy LRH established very specific qualifications. Primary amongst them, this church must be recognised as tax exempt before they could receive his legacy. And in the event they failed to do so, then LRH required another church receive it, but still that church was also required to gain IRS recognition. LRH set those qualifications for very good reasons. First; to preserve the materials into eternity would require a great deal of resources, LRH’s wealth and the continuing royalties of his books could be wiped out in taxes preventing their preservation. Second; consider those power pushes and the underlying motivation of greed. Scientology works where it’s applied purely for the reasons it was intended, and personal profit is certainly not one of them. Personal profit is also one of the prohibiting factors to achieving exempt recognition. And so this was a build in safeguard by LRH to ensure materials would never fall under the control of one individual.

Not a Powers, not a Purcell and not a parade of others who have attempted this. So with LRH’s estate in probate the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) applied for recognition, the IRS denied it. Why? They insisted that every single Church of Scientology in the United States would also have to receive their recognition before CST could obtain theirs. In fact they also said every foreign church would have to be reviewed as well. But just for good measure they then issued letters literally out of the blue denying all pending applications from those other churches. But we hadn’t lost yet. There were several Scientology churches that already had tax exempt recognition, and so plans were set in motion to donate LRH’s estate to one of them.

When the IRS found out they acted with lightning speed, immediately issuing revocation letters and assessments to all of them as well. And what all that meant was this: They would prevent LRH’s legacy from ever reaching its destination. We would not have the tech. It could wind up in anyone’s hands, and even if not would be subject to IRS seizure for taxing and thus not merely never preserved but possibly lost altogether. And as for how we overcame all of that, all that needs to be said is: WE DID. Because there was no other choice.

At stake was the eternity of every man, woman and child on earth. So yes there was no billion dollar tax bill we couldn’t pay. The fifty million dollars in assessments against you were no more. Yes your donations to Scientology are deductible just like any other religion. Yes we rolled right over Interpol one month later cleaning out their three decades of false reports and replacing them with the book “What is Scientology”. And yes CAN soon followed meaning their unlamented demise. But when we achieved IRS recognition, here’s what really happened. LRH’s legacy did meet its destiny, and today we no longer just have the tech, but the written and spoken words of our founder are preserved on more that 135 tons of archival books, stainless steel plates and nickel plated records, all stored in 2300 titanium capsules in vaults not even nuclear weapons can touch. And no matter what may happen in the future, no matter attacks against us, no matter some mad man pressing a button, no matter a national cataclysm, no matter if everything on this earth is destroyed there will still be one thing that survives – the materials of Dianetics and Scientology. They will always be here, that can never change and that is why I said – THE WAR IS OVER.