What I going to present here may sound unbelievable but the following material is shown exactly as I have found it.

These are texts that the people behind Ron's Org and Freezone have published themselves. They are on their own the best DA material one could ask for, as I refuse to believe that one, after having read them, can do anything else but conclude that this is far out.

The following is taken from Ron’s Org Bern's homepage:

Free Zone Clearing concepts

To help resolving the confusions that have built up around the definitions of the words "Free Zone", we want to state the following:
The term "Free Zone" was originally coined by Captain Bill Robertson to mean the independent delivery of Scientology outside the Church of Scientology.
Soon after that he founded the "Ron's Org" in 1984. For many years within the Ron's Org the terms were used more or less equal. But already in the early 80s there was a broad field developing of many other groups or practices, part of which were more or less delivering standard tech, but most of them doing altered versions of Scientology up to practices where only an insider could trace some parts of them back to LRH's tech.
Today when the term "Free Zone" is meant, it often is used in the broader sense of covering all those practices and groups which deliver therapies and training to help individuals overcoming mental barriers and improving abilities and which are to a greater or lesser degree based upon Scientology Technology. In a narrower sense some use the word to mean only groups that deliver Standard Tech outside the Church of Scientology.

”The free zone” originates then from Capt. Bill Robertson (CBR), but where did he get it from?

The following is from Ron’s Org Netherlands homepage:

The 'Free Zone' is based upon the Free Zone Decree given by LRH, it is an area that is protected from corrupt outside influences.

The 'FreeZone' is also used as an organizational name by the many organizations who practice Scientology outside the church of scientology. However not all organizations work with the same tech and hence do not all work together.

The RON'S Org by itself is not a freezone organization, but stand behind this decree.

This decree is issued by CBR but is "actually" originated by LRH.

Before you read the decree there are a few things to clear up. First one can ask oneself how CBR received this decree from LRH - well as you can see in the decree itself it is dated November 82, and so can not have been issued by the church as LRH according to CBR wasn't in the church at that time (Ref. Tech. Brief no 1. by CBR on this page) It can not have been given by LRH in person as CBR hasn't been in physical contact with LRH since 81, according to himself. (Ref. A DEBRIEF by CAPT. W. B. Robertson on this page).

Well from where did he then get it? As you can see it was received on earth from "The Galactic Grand Council" and since the communications systems were quite old fashioned in 82 then there seems to be only one explanation: CBR received it telepathically, something CBR is quite accustomed to according to the same reference above.

Secondly you will see that the the decree isn't actually signed by by LRH but by Elron Elray. Don't get confused though as the two persons happen to be the same. (Ref. Admin briefing no 1 by CBR on this page).

Lastly I have to mention that I have changed a word in the decree (The change is in italic). Ron’s Org claims that the church consider the word confidential, and in order to not get caught in the middle of that conflict I have simply changed the word to something which means the same. Why Ron's Org claims this is unknown to me. Words can't in themselves be confidential, but as it doesn't influence the understanding of the decree there is no reason to make it an issue

This is the decree:


The FREE ZONE DECREE was received on Earth on the 10th of November 1982 at 1030 GMT.

It states, (as relayed from Mainship, Sector 9): Official Decree – Galactic Grand Council

1. The planet known as the blue planet – local dialect “Earth” or Terra – Sun 12, Sector 9, is hereby declared a Free Zone.

2. No political interference in its affairs from any other part of the Sector or Galaxy will be tolerated.

3. No economic interference in its affairs will be tolerated from any non-planetary agency or power.

4. All of its inhabitants are hereby declared Free Zone Citizens and free of external political or economic interference.

5. The regulating agency of this decree is the Galactic Patrol Sector 9, Sector Commander Elron Elray and his designated representatives.

6. The planet is henceforth under the Sole Auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9, for coordination with Galactic and Sector Affairs and for compliance with this decree.

7. The Technical and Ethical experiments in progress on the blue planet are not affected by this decree and are to continue under the auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9.

8. This Decree is issued by unanimous vote of the Grand Council.

Mship relay by order of Sector Commander Elron Elray

(© Copyright by The Free Zone)

Say no more. That's what we call a hidden data line.

"There is no ”hidden data line.” To believe there is makes an ARC break. The apparency is somebody’s pretense to know from me more than is on the tapes and in books and mimeos, or, brutally, somebody’s alter-is of materials. This looks like a “hidden data line.” It surely isn’t."

HCO PL 16. april 65 The Hidden Data Line

What does LRH himself say about groups of people that delivers therapies and "other practices" which to a greater or lesser extent is based upon Scientology?

"No matter how bright, the other processes and new inventions of some one else (a) work only on a few and (b) are efforts to solve one’s own case by auditing others.
To let standard tech go out is an act of treason as Scientology then loses all meaning in an org."

HCOB 28. august 68 Out-tech

"It must be kept in mind and brought forward emphatically that Scientology does not work in the absence of official control and, no matter who sought to use it's principles, has uniformly failed in the hands of non-scientologists and organizations not controlled by the Central Organizations of Scientology or myself."

HCO PL 14. juni 65 II Politics, freedom from