"For some years we have had a word ”squirreling.” It means altering Scientology, offbeat practices. It is a bad thing."
HCO PL 14. februar 65 Safeguarding Technology


There are two sides to the case. The first one is what we in the church have done that caused people to go go squirrel or becomes disaffected. The other side is what the individual squirrel has done to go squirrel. The first side is covered under the heading out-tech.

This the side we all have to take responsibility for and do what we can to correct. Our why is not that squirrels are assholes. Our why is that we haven't delivered standard tech, ethics, admin or justice.

"After standard tech is out for just so long in an org, Scientology ceases to have any meaning.
Squirrel processes and repairs wind the staff up in a ball, enturbulate the field and cause a general lethargy and trouble."
HCOB 28. august 68 Out-tech

"The true cause of attacks is ARC breaks of long duration which transfer to us when we permit technical goofs."
HCO PL 23. februar 70. Quality of service

To some scientologists it can be hard to understand and confront why a person goes squirrel, and what the person has done to go squirrel. I have included some LRH quotes that sheds some light on that.

"ARC breaks bring about and restimulate a desire to get even. An ARC broken person attacks."
HCO PL 23. februar 70. Quality of service

"Getting even (revenge) is a method of stopping things by making others guilty of DOING things or having done things.

This can go so far that an inexpertly processed or not-processed or poorly trained or not-trained Scientologist can knowingly get even by trying to demonstrate he has had no case gain."
HCO PL 12. august 68 People who don't do their jobs

"Some people are prone to accepting false data. This stems from overts committed prior to the false data being accepted. The false data then acts as a justifier for the overt.

An example of this would be a student studying past Mis-Us on a subject, cheating in the exam and eventually dropping the subject entirely. Then someone comes along and tells him that the subject is useless and destructive. Well, he will immediately grab hold of this datum and believe it, as he needs something to justify his earlier overts.

This actually gets into service facsimiles as the person will use the false data to make the subject or other people wrong."
HCOB 7. august 79 False data stripping

"People with out-ethics withholds cannot see. This is proven by the brilliant return of perception of the environment in people audited effectively and at lenght on such processes.

Such people also seek to place a false environment there and actually see a false environment.

People whose ethics are low will enturbulate and upset a group as they are seeking to justify their harmful acts against the group. And this leads to more harmful acts.
Out-ethics people go rapidly into Treason against the group."
HCO PL 3. maj 72. Ethics and executives

Robert Dam, Claus Heimann and others who wrote reports to the Danish field are good examples that a squirrel enturbulates a group. This is not said to imply that they are assholes in any way (wrong why), But most of those who read their reports have to some extent been enturbulated.

They start to list out points within the church that one can be more or less in agreement with. If it is the truth is something we all individually have to decide upon, and here it is important to know what truth is according to Science of Survival:

”While it may be true that something is destructive or that a person is bad, if it serves no purpose to make the statement the issuance of this ”truth” is in reality the establishing of an entheta line. The highest concept of truth, then, has a certain aesthetic about it, in that it is creative and constructive.”

It is a good idea to read the chapter ”The Handling of Truth” in full, until one understands which truths will confuse and enturbulate.

It can also help one to see with which purpose these "truths" are being listed. "But don't they have a right to be dissatisfied and say what they mean about the church?" Of cause they have - it's a human right. They first of all have a duty to do something about it. If they instead use what has been done to them as a reason for their going squirrel, then it's another case entirely.

"All too often, however, the bank is triggered by an out-ethics situation; and if the individual has no tech with which to handle it analytically, his “handling” is to mock up motivators. In other words, he tends to believe or pretend that something was done to him that prompted or justified his out-ethics action, and at that point he starts downhill."
HCO PL 12. juli 1980 The basics of ethics

No matter how much they say that they are Scientologists and followers of standard tech, the fact that they are members of and disseminates to Ron's Org tells us another story - the whole story - both sides of it.

There have been others squirrels and they don't change much in their operating basis:

Captain Bill Robertson was a squirrel. If one reads what he has issued one can no longer be in doubt. Besides that he was the founder of the Galactic Patrol, Ron’s Org and the Freezone.

Based on information I have from persons having taken services in Ron’s Org, it is easy to see that the tech they deliver doesn't differ much from what David Mayo delivered. SO ED 2344 Int describes quite well what he did and what happened to him. David Mayo and CBR worked together in the beginning by the way (1982) when they were expelled from the church. Jon Zegel, who was there, have described what happened from the viewpoint of a squirrel. It is worth reading in full [click here].